Why Women Burp A Lot When Pregnant

Why Women Burp A Lot When Pregnant

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Women do a lot of weird things when pregnant. There are women who wonder what is happening to them as they find themselves doing things that they generally would not do. Pregnancy brings with it a lot of joy for the oncoming child. With all the pregnancy perks, there are also bad moments. Burping is one of the things that pregnant women do all the time. Women usually experience bloating and constipation which causes them to burp all the time. The burping might be embarrassing for some women but it helps with the bloating and constipation as it helps give relief to pregnant women. When they burp, they get rid of the gas build up that is inside their stomachs causing them to be constipated and bloated.

Bloating and constipation affect pregnant women because of the slow down of their digestive systems. All the changes in the body of women in pregnancy cause the digestive system to be slow. It also causes some foods not to be digested well. This causes a build up of gases inside the stomach. Is also causes discomfort and a feeling of being full all the time. Burping helps with bloating and constipation as it removes the build up of gas from the stomach. Most of the air that is found in the stomach is eliminated through the mouth through burping.

As the uterus grows, it puts pressure on the organs around it. One of the organs in the body that are pressed by the growing uterus is the digestive organ. This makes it hard for the food that women eat to be digested. When the food is not well digested, it can cause a build up of air inside the woman’s stomach. This will cause burping so that the air can be released from the body and reduce the discomfort that pregnant women go through.

Progesterone and estrogen are pregnancy hormones. These hormones are produced in the body in high amounts after a woman gets pregnant. These hormones are usually blamed for everything that happens inside the body of a woman when she gets pregnant. The hormones slow down many processes in the body. It is this slow down that causes a woman to have a lot of air inside her stomach and become bloated. Burping is just a way of relieving bloating because it gets rid of the extra air that builds up inside the stomach when a woman is pregnant thus easing her discomfort.