Louis Vuitton Purse replica

Louis Vuitton Purse replica

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Fifty play of light

Autumn and Winter 2010 Fashion Show in Paris, Marc Jacobs, eventually led us in 1950, the American Dream is full of Hollywood movies. Louis Vuitton models that are playing from behind, walk BH Huaqun well as Hollywood in the 50′s, romantic scenes, elegant, and an actress waiting for her lover’s tender kiss … … so romantic

Curve a new look

In fact, the concept of fashion long-distance lines around the body to come and go, but that many of the human body in the erogenous zones, and in this new century, a great influence.

The purpose of the fashion industry is clearly concentrated in the legs – skirts, tight pants, shorts and socks – and a new sex symbol of life given in this season, but he was. Since the year 2000 (in fact, a number of exceptions, but not before), in the fashion week there is one area in the chest the waist line of an hourglass. Red carpet style strapless dress, suggests that a stranger, I’m not bragging.

Remember the story of contemporary fashion, the chest was not selected. Jean-Paul Gaultier in 1990, Madonna’s Blond Ambition tour designed bimodal seems to be one of the classic memories. Of course, many designers are playing with a corset dress, but also take care of themselves, and not the chest, to mark the line. Frankly, he said, the images in the memory 1994 Eva Herzigova for the Wonderbra takes “Hey Guys” commercials, the type of sensual pleasure in the chest, strengthen, where the extension line.

Even now, not so much beauty in the world, the idea of a new standard in fact, the concept of the new body lines are attractive relative to the aircraft in 1950 for a small wild cat, Brigitte Bardot, the film was shot in 1956. .. And God Created Woman …”, ie Bardot After half a century the cause of the corners, Bardot in the 28-year-old Scottish designer Christopher Kane clearly a myth distance, but he was in her fashion line spring and summer of 2010 in the use of iconic images of the group, but the design on the breast of the valley, to highlight the natural lines of the model .

Miuccia Prada at Miu Miu spring and summer light playing on the minds of Lolita style more feminine style, and, of course, a popular model Laura became the center stone. For fall and winter, painting a split personality. Now, in a series of Prada, concentrated all the models in the chest, but use them as decorations on the edge, and a lot of benefits. Chance at Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs is a public actor and model Laetitia Casta, the design of all the lines line the chest and the hips to highlight a number seem retro, but a little cheeky, but sentimental, which, obviously, to the praise of the organization of older women, which is rare in Design Jacobs.

Bahnhof Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel in his series on the go, even to the pavement, presented in San Tropez background eternal Bardot, the number of striped skirt, and an emphasis on curves, and the work of Georgia May Jagger road rock star with a red lip Harley-Davidson models help debut.

After a long period characterized by thin women Body type type apartment – originally seen as a symbol of equality, the blind pursuit of fine – but now there’s another new year / old sensual pleasures?

Bring back the beauty of female body shapes of other claims explicitly call is not all in the past, but the concept is implicit in the context of future trends. Structure of the past, most of the portfolio of designer lingerie, shows the bodies were placed in a frame, a bit like saying a French balcony, but the flexibility of the material strongly reform underwear contemporaries confused as more clearly what the real user’s body.

Historically, the upper body was just not enough to read a girl like Jane Austen’s women high waist skirt, or a book to see how women Edwardian chest look bigger in the long run, even on the back of the straitjacket of the court vacation.

flat chest has become the latest trend a decade in 1920, dressed as a woman favorite places of public men in the 1930′s avant-garde, big breasts and recovery trends are visible only to Hollywood stars again. It is obvious that since 1950, the length of the skirt is longer, and focus on the legs, the body of the attractions of the new view.

The body tends to retrospective time while working at the end of 1950, the first 60 years, actress Gina Lollobrigida and Claudia Cardinale, Luchino Visconti’s 1963 classic “Il Gattopardo (Leopard)” The role of most of the family. There are, of course, Marilyn Monroe hourglass body is also very symbolic.

But it was not curved lines. In the 1960 mini-skirts legs so popular again, and again in the chest, shoulders and wide, from the jackets of the men lost.

If the feminist movement is the cause of women in the pursuit of flat chest, and now we need to consider how the demand for women again. Many designers in the fall and winter to reduce progressively the plane in three dimensions. Phoebe Philo at Chloé

Watches, Jil Sander Uniqlo in design today, cut in low-profile style with a firm confidence and cover design.

Women who can be identified from the last century, before the release – this fall and winter can be a turning point in the fashion world. Ms. Bardot was as