Looking For A Sign Of A Cheating Spouse? Look No Further.

Looking For A Sign Of A Cheating Spouse? Look No Further.

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Behavioural changes and bad attitude- Behavioural changes and a bad attitude is without a doubt a sign of a cheating spouse. Increased irritability and general fighting fits are greatly and very successful methods employed by cheating spouse to get into huge arguments with husbands or wives in an attempt to get away from the home and to his or her lover for mostly sympathy, attention and sex. A spouse choosing to drive away instead of discussing the problems is a sure-fire way to know that he or she is on their sweet way to the new or old love. Following them will be the best solution but use someone else’s vehicle or hire an investigator to do it for you. Activities at home or in the family may also suffer neglect as the wife or husband has lost total interest in routines and life with the family.

Ring ring- Calls answered in a whispering tone as well as constant inbound or outbound calls outside the house or behind closed doors requires your immediate attention. Investment in an extra cell phone may be made for the purpose of staying in touch with the other person as regularly as possible. This extra phone will usually be hidden away in a car.

Clean-cut looks- Sudden changes by the spouse to neat, tidy and absolute clean-cut look should make you at least a little curious as to what the reason for the sudden change is. Too regular shaving of legs, pubic, arms or face increased usage of perfume and aftershave are some signs to look-out for.

Peculiar charges- Peculiar charges on a spouses’ credit or debit card statement should be carefully investigated. Your budget may also get smaller as substantial amounts of cash is spent on gifts, account payments etc for the other person.

Physical evidence- If you are looking for a sign of a cheating spouse, physical evidence is the thing to get. Check for underwear with sperm stains, perfume or aftershave scents, jewellery and condoms.

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