How to make vagina taste and smell better

How to make vagina taste and smell better

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People are very different. I know girls who have never even looked at their vagina, and girls who know how their pussy taste in every period of the menstrual cycle. And as well as chefs never criticize themselves, although they know their dishes best, that’s why the true connoisseurs of female juices are men how like to enter between the meaty hills and plow the source of life. We are more stimulated by the smell than the taste and the general conclusion is that the two are not strongly connected to each other. Tasting the vagina remains more of a privilege of gourmets who want to eat their girls out. Sometimes we find a tasty dish, which meets our expectations, and sometimes even hectoliters of saliva can not help to improve the taste. In general the taste of the vagina is very difficult to describe, but the most natural is a slightly acidic taste.

Vagina is in fact acidic and this acidity is changing with women’s menstrual cycle. We’ll drop out the taste of menstrual blood of our thinking, but otherwise its acidity correlates with the level of estrogen. The acidity of the vagina is something great, although not for every taster. The acidity prevents multiple possible bacterial infection and in the case of ejaculation, it’s killing large numbers of sperm. Not exactly the best for the tongue though.

Regulate its taste in the right way

As we can improve or destroy the taste of food in a number of ways, so can women improve the taste of a vagina. The worst possible way is to wash your vagina inside and out with soap or some gel, which is not intended for this. Not only will you kill the odor and flavor, but you could catch an inflammation. It is necessary to change the taste of vagina, without interfering with its pH balance. This can be done the most easily by changing diet. Here, similar rules apply as for the male sperm. The less meat, onions, alcohol, asparagus, cigarettes, coffee, etc. the better. Also, the more fruit, especially pineapple, the better. An important factor as well are vitamins, while vitamin drinks are not the best for the taste of your vagina. All this significantly affects the taste and odor of your vaginal secretions. Another very important factor is the micro-flora of the uterus and the presence of bacteria. If the taste is something unusual, we can conclude that it’s not only because of steak with onions, three coffees and cigarettes. It is necessary also to avoid artificial sweeteners, because bacteria grow much more easily with their help. Taste of a vagina is influenced by various drugs, and also antibiotics. Common advice for safely improving the taste of the vagina is to drink enough water, which will flush away any odorous substances, which can be seen in the urine. It is best to experiment with all the described and find a wonderful touch to make your “dish” great.

For the end one warning.

If you notice that your lover still don’t appreciate your taste, then your partner is probably little too queasy. Because there is no such problem, which a salve of saliva wouldn’t solve. Cheerful cunnilingus!