How to Become a Bartender

How to Become a Bartender

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Bartending Supplies – The different supplies you need as a bartender

Since you have decided to learn how to become a bartender, you have responsibilities which include looking after the bartending supplies. If you are employed in one of the best bars in town, it is a fact that it has a well-stocked bar with all the tools and bar equipment you might need to create a drink. As a bartender, you should have a good knowledge of beverages and drinks and knows how to mix drinks accurately. Aside from knowing about the various drink recipes and being able to create new recipes yourself, you should be able to maintain a clean bar area. It is also your responsibility to keep an inventory of liquor and other bartending supplies. As your bar area should always have the bartending supplies on hand such as a wide variety of alcohol and mixers, garnishes or condiments, you should maintain a good inventory of things.

What bartending supplies you need


When you were still studying at a bartending school, you were taught about the different bartending supplies that you will need in your profession. The most important item on the list of bar supplies is the alcohol since you cannot mix a drink without it. When stocking a bar, make sure you have all types of alcohol – liquor, liqueurs, beer and wine. Liquors include bourbon, cognac, gin, vodka, light and dark rum, rye, tequila, Scotch whiskey and vermouth while liqueurs are amaretto, Bailey’s Irish Cream, crème de cacao, crème de cassis and crème de menthe, as well as brandies, Kahlua, sherries, etc. You should have a variety of beer (light or draft) and red and white wines handy too.

Alcohol and other bartending supplies

When preparing these drinks, you need bartending supplies such as a wide selection of tools including a bottle opener and corkscrew, a shaker and a strainer, a bar spoon, cocktail napkins and coasters, straws, toothpicks, a cutting board and a sharp knife, an ice bucket, a blender or ice crusher for making frozen drinks. You will also need ice scoops, jiggers and other bar equipment. You need these basic tools to tend your bar more efficiently. To keep your bar area clean, always have plenty of container for storing garnishes and lots of bar towels to clean up spills. Apart from the alcohol and tools, you should also include in your bartending supplies different styles of glassware. There are the shot glasses, wine glasses, Collins glasses, the highball, beer mugs, the champagne flute, the brandy snifter and the cocktail glasses, the old-fashioned or “on the rocks” glasses and the Irish coffee glasses. There are also specialized glasses used in some of the drinks. You will also need a glass rack to store your glasses when not in use. This should be out of your way but still in a convenient location.

How bartending supplies help you

Your bar should also be well-stocked with other bartending supplies such as a large selection of condiments, garnishes and mixers. These would include cream, nutmeg, grenadine, salt and pepper, simple syrup and hot sauces. Popular cocktails make use of cranberry, grapefruit, orange, pineapple and tomato juices, pina colada mix and fresh limes and lemons, so you should also have a stock of these. Sodas like club soda, regular and diet colas, lemon-lime sodas and ginger ale are also needed in your bartending supplies. These bar supplies will also help you when doing flair bartending. When you have these bartending supplies always ready and on hand, you can be assured that you will be doing your bartending job efficiently and accurately. Bartending supplies play a big part, aside from your skills, to become a professional bartender someday.